There’s no business like Grid business - 16/11/2009
"There's no business like Grid business", an article about GREDIA on ICT results
Symbian to develop mobile applications - 17/7/2009
Symbian is to become involved in mobile application development. Read more
GREDIA in "medienforum" - 24/6/2009
DW represented GREDIA at NRW "medienforum" 2009 held in Germany with the participation of over 2000 attendees from media and policy makers domains.
GREDIA in SSAIE 2009 - 19/6/2009
GREDIA was presented at the Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Enginering (SSAIE) Summer School in Crete, Greece, on 19th June 2009.
Demonstration at the Internet of Services 2009 - 11/6/2009
APPEA and FiVO components of the GREDIA Platform were demonstrated in the Internet of Services 2009, the Collaboration Meeting for FP6 and FP7 EC-funded projects, organised by the Software and Service Architectures and Infrastructures Unit, held in Brussels on 10-11 June 2009
VO talk in Internet of Services 2009 - 11/6/2009

During the TG8 meeting and the Inernet of Services 2009 Collaboration meeting in Brussels, a talk was given about the "Dynamic VO Establsihment in Distributed Heterogenous Business Environments".

GREDIA in DW's Global Media Forum - 5/6/2009

DW represented GREDIA at the DW's Global Media Forum (the role of media in conflicts and crisis prevention)

GREDIA in Journalists Academy - 10/5/2009
GREDIA concepts were presented in the Workshop Macromedia Academy with the participation of around 20 journalists from Germany
GREDIA in EANA 2009 Conference - 10/5/2009
GREDIA brochures were circulated at the 2009 Conference organised by the European Assciation of News Agencies (EANA)
Ruby 1.9VM on Symbian Developer Network - 6/4/2009
SYMBIAN has made a publication on Symbian Developer Network (SDN) about the Ruby 1.9VM developed in the context of the GREDIA project
GREDIA in EACL 2009 - 3/4/2009
GREDIA brochures circulated in the 12th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL 2009)
GREDIA in NY Media Summit - 19/3/2009
DW circulated GREDIA brochures at the Media Summit held in New York on 17-19 March, 2009, with the participation of over 1500 attendees
Participation in IFIP - 26/2/2009
Concepts on Dynamic Service Discovery were presented at the 14th Annual Meeting of the IFIP Working Group 2.9, Software Requirements Engineering
GREDIA in GSMA Mobile World Congress - 18/2/2009
DW represented GREDIA at the Trade Fair and Conference of the GSMA Mobile Congress World held in Barcelona, Spain, on 15-18 February, 2009, with the participation of over 5000 attendees
GREDIA and NEM - 4/2/2009
GREDIA brochures circulated at the Network Electronic Media (NEM) Summit held in Brussels on 3-4 February 2009
DW MoJos on Digital Media Discovery Tour - 17/11/2008

DW has announced GREDIA to DW mojos blog.

GREDIA in US media - 16/11/2008
Key concepts of the GREDIA project were presented to media companies, discussions with experts in the particula field were held in New York and Washighton DC, including: Wall Street Journal, Thomson Reuters, Mediastorm, Beet TV, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Ruby 1.9 released - 23/10/2008
Symbian with Pragmaticomm have released the Ruby 1.9 VM at the Symbian Developer Network.
Symbian Ruby 1.9 announcement - 23/10/2008
The Ruby 1.9 VM release has been noticed by Jon Erickson of Dr Dobbs and by Darryl Taft of eWeek
GREDIA in CGW'08 - 15/10/2008
APPEA and FiVO components of the GREDIA Platform were demonstrated in the Cracow Grid Workshop CGW 2008, held in Cracow, Poland, on 13-15 October, 2008.
GREDIA in Vietnam - 30/9/2008
GREDIA draft media application prototype demonstrated to Vietnamese Public Service Broadcaster
GREDIA at DPA-Infocom - 23/9/2008
GREDIA was presented at the DPA-Infocom (German Press Agency) in Hamburg on 23rd September, 2008
Ruby 1.9VM presented in Ruby Conference - 12/9/2008
Ruby 1.9VM was presented on the Ruby developers of the Software Conference held in Berlin, Germany, on 11-12 Septhember, 2008
The "Internet of Services" Collaboration meeting - 4/9/2008
The Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures Unit organises the "Internet of Services" Collaboration meeting on 22-23 September in Brussels. Read the outcome of the FP6 projects, including the GREDIA Project Achievements Sheet here
5th Innovation Journalism (Injo) Conference - 23/5/2008
GREDIA presented to Prof. Stephen Quinn of Journalism School Deakin University, author of the
Innovation Journalism Workshop - 12/12/2007
GREDIA presented in the Innovation Journalism Workshop, held on December 12th, 2007, in Bonn, Germany
Smartphone show - 16/10/2007

Symbian participated to the Smartphone show and announced the new Ruby 1.9 Virtual Machine for Symbian OS v9. This work has been partly carried out in the framework of GREDIA.

CGW'07 Conference - 9/10/2007
GREDIA is going to participate to the CGW'07 Grid Conference with poster presentations. Please find the posters for the general presentation of GREDIA project,  the Middleware Architecture and the Application Development Platform
SERENITY Project organising the "Aml.d" Conference - 17/9/2007
GREDIA was presented to the "Aml.d" conference, organised by the SERENITY project in Sophia Antipolis, French Riviera
Participation to PIMRC 2007 Conference MOTIVE Workshop - 7/9/2007
GREDIA was presented to the MOTIVE Workshop 2007, which was held in Athens on September 7th, 2007, within the activities of the IEEE PIMRC 2007 conference
Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University - 28/8/2007
GREDIA was presented in the Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University on 27th August, 2007
Bitcom Workshop - 23/8/2007
GREDIA participated in the Bitcom Workshop "Information Overload", which was held in Frankfurt on August 21st, 2007
Read the latest news provided by the Deutsche Welle's RSS Feeds - 28/2/2007

Deutsche Welle's RSS Feeds

"The application of GRID technology in industrial case and in e-Science - 20/2/2007

"The GREDIA approach for business applications in media and banking" was presented in this event, which was organised from the k-Wf Grid FP6-511385 project

GREDIA page in Wikipedia - 12/12/2006

GREDIA has established a page in Wikipedia explaining the open issues and objectives the project is addressing

European Grid Technology Days 2006 - 19/9/2006

GREDIA was presented on the European Grid Technology Days 2006. The presentation can be found here

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